The pristine dance performed in the pious precincts of the heritage temple of Sita Ramachandra Swamy Aalayam at Shamshabad is redolent of the primeval times because it is believed that the dance form has its genesis in temples. Gudi Sambaraalu, a series of dance performances given by the peripatetic and exquisite dance troupes at celebrated temples, conducted by a Trust, named aptly Parampara, has been amply successful in capturing the ethos of that divine dance so wonderfully! I must congratulate Dr Srinagi and Smt Shashi for bringing back the joy of classical dance right at the threshold of these hoary temples. It seems dance and temple trigger a vibrant synergy. I pray that the beautiful dances will invoke the Gods for bestowing Their Grace on the artistes as well as on the audience. “A Thing of beauty is a Joy Forever”, said John Keats. For a person like me who is not a cognoscenti in arts or dance i. e. who does not understand the intricacies of mudras, expressions or even of the accompanying music, tala and song, that expression of Keats says it all – loud and clear. The grace, poise, balance and the asymmetric symmetry of the dancers’ movements are a treat to watch. May annual programs like Gudi Sambaraalu perpetuate the age-old ‘parampara’ of the Indian classical dance at the very portals of the energised ancient temples.