21st February, 2020
Rama Vaidyanathan, Bharatnatyam
Sree Dharmapuri Kshetram, Miyapur

Based on a mystical mantra from the Skanda Purana, “Jeevaha Shivaha Shivo Jeevaha” – there is Shiva in every Jeeva, and Jeeva is Shiva, “Sivoham” is a composition that points towards the divinity in each one of us. Rama Vaidyanathan takes a deeper glance at the relationship between the finite and the infinite with a series of thought-provoking moves in this Bharatanatyam composition. The meaning resonates throughout the piece, symbolizing the connection the soul makes with the Supreme Being, ‘Jeevatma-Paramatma’. Combining Nritta, Bhava and Bhakti, the dance of Rama Vaidynathan with six of her students left the audience unsatiated on the eve of Shivaratri.



Rama Vaidyanathan



Sri Dharmapuri Kshetra, in the shade of a large neem tree in Miyapur, is an embodiment of light to the people of the surrounding villages. It is said that in 1986, a robber took the hundi from the temple and disposed it off. Nobody realized it. Aften a few days, the robber admitted to his crime and surrendered himself. He confessed that the hundi had Rs 600 and promised to work hard to earn and return that amount. Owing to the change in the robber – from a path of “Adharma” to “Dharma”, the temple has been christened as “Sri Dharmapuri” from this day onwards. The temple prospered to be a centre of inspiration and a center of energy!

In addition to being a home to several Goddesses, several sadhgurus, Avadhuttas, Yogis and Jagadgurus are worshipped here. Adjacent to the temple of Saraswati Devi is the “Vyasa Maharshi” shrine, in front of which is a large book with 4 Vedas weighing about 20 kg. It is a belief that if students touch this and get blessings of Saraswathi Devi, they will excel in education.