13th February, 2018
Sujatha Vinjamuri, Kuchipudi
Anita Peter, Mohiniyattam
Sneha Ramachandran, Bharatnatyam
Sree Dharmapuri Kshetram, Miyapur

On Shivaratri, Sree Dharmapuri Kshetram was in a state of ecstasy filling the environment with spirituality with devotees worshipping Lord Shiva. Bringing the devotees still closer to spiritual happiness was the magnificent blend of dance performances by the popular dance gurus with their shishyas.
Kuchipudi dancer, Vinjamuri Sujatha commenced the event performing “Krishnaveni” – the greatness of the river Krishna with her group in the dance depicting the River Krishna’s birth, travel and key moments with a great composition. The dance recital informs about the various kingdoms established along the banks of the river Krishna like Vijayanagara, Pallava, Chola and many others. It also showcased the achievements of great kings, artists and poets who lived on the coast of the river.
Taking the evening to another level was the recital by Smt. Anita Peter, a reputed Mohiniyattam dancer. Sneha Ramachandran danced to the tunes of Siva Stuthi and Ananda Tandava while Ms. Lohitha with her impressive, quick footwork, dramatic characterization, expressive eye movements and a blend of Tandava and Lasya made an elegant stage presence.



Sujatha Vinjamuri


Anita Peter


Sneha Ramachandran



Sri Dharmapuri Kshetra, in the shade of a large neem tree in Miyapur, is an embodiment of light to the people of the surrounding villages. It is said that in 1986, a robber took the hundi from the temple and disposed it off. Nobody realized it. Aften a few days, the robber admitted to his crime and surrendered himself. He confessed that the hundi had Rs 600 and promised to work hard to earn and return that amount. Owing to the change in the robber – from a path of “Adharma” to “Dharma”, the temple has been christened as “Sri Dharmapuri” from this day onwards. The temple prospered to be a centre of inspiration and a center of energy!

In addition to being a home to several Goddesses, several sadhgurus, Avadhuttas, Yogis and Jagadgurus are worshipped here. Adjacent to the temple of Saraswati Devi is the “Vyasa Maharshi” shrine, in front of which is a large book with 4 Vedas weighing about 20 kg. It is a belief that if students touch this and get blessings of Saraswathi Devi, they will excel in education.