May Bazaar

3rd February, 2018
Surabhi Theatre Group, Drama
Chennakeshava Swamy Alayam, Gadwal

The city witnessed the presentation of the well known popular Surabhi Theatre group, which performed the unforgettable and legendary ‘Mayabaazar’ on 3rd Feburary 2018. The performance was well received, with applause coming from all segments of the public. The young and old went into raptures connecting to the all time historic song Vivahabhojanambu, sung by the main character Gatothgaja. The audience were splits of laughter – thumping and clapping their hands in sheer joy and ecstasy. It was indeed a visual treat to be able to see a performance so close to their heart and life.

The characters of Abhimanyu and Subhadra and their love lores were indeed an instant hit with the people of Gadwal. The blend of mythology and humor brought forth a visual treat to the audience – a treat beyond measure! When the curtains were down, the program left a tantalizing effect on the people who blessed Gudi Sambaraalu for bringing it to their door step and providing a unique opportunity to witness and be transported to the world of “Mayabazar”.



Surabhi Theatre Group



The Chennakeshava Swamy Temple is one of the three ancient temples inside the Gadwal Fort and is believed to be around 300 years old. The Gadwal Fort was built in the 17th century by the Gadwal ruler Peda Soma Bhupaludu (fondly called Somanadri). The Gadwal rulers were known for their cultural and spiritual learning. The presiding deity in the Chennakeshava Swamy Temple is Lord Venkateshwara. The architecture of the temple has astounding features – huge bells, beautiful paintings and sculptures – depicting the cultural uniqueness of Telangana. Brahmostsavam is an 10 day annual festival here, held in the months of February-March.

Chennakeshava Swamy Alayam, Gadwal