11th January 2019
Vaibhav Arekar – Bharatnatyam
Bijayani Satpathy – Odissi


Kanaka Durga Temple, Viajayawada

Paramparaa opened its first Gudi Sambaraalu event of 2019 at the iconic Kanaka Durga Temple with a scintillating Bharatayanam performance by Vaibhav Arekar and an Odissi performance by Bijayini Satpati. It was a unique presentation combining Bharatanatyam and Odissi culminating in reaching out to Goddess Kanaka Durga.

Popular legend mentions the triumph of goddess Kanaka Durga over the demon King Mahishasura. The deity’s face and body colour are of molten gold shade, and she is decked with golden jewellery from which the temple gets its name Kanaka Durga. Her idol here depicts her eight-armed form – each holding a powerful weapon – in a standing posture over the demon Mahishashura and piercing him with her trident.



Vaibhav Arekar


Bijayani Satpathy



Kanaka Durga Temple is the second largest temple in Andhra Pradesh situated on the banks of river Krishna. This is the place where Arjuna obtained the Pasupatha astra after his great penance for Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed for Goddess Durga by Arjuna.

The temple occupies an important place in the scriptures as several of the Siva-leelas and Shakti-mahimas were enacted on or around it, making the region a place of unequaled spiritual significance and attracting pilgrims since times immemorial. It is mentioned in the hindu scriptures that the deity in the Kanakadurga temple is regarded as ‘Swayambhu’ or self-manifested, hence considered very powerful.