4th & 5th February, 2017
Nrityagram, Odissi
Khilla Ramalayam, Nizamabad

The audience were treated to a spectacular dance recital by the Nrityagram troop from Bangalore – Bijayini Satpathy and Pavithra Reddy. The portrayal of Mahishasura Mardini depicted ferocity with a combination of grace. It was a treat for the audience and an absolute two day bliss of Odissi dancing.






Dichpally Ramalayam or Khilla Ramalayam is one of the ancient temples in Nizamabad. Owing to its resemblance to the Indore Khajuraho Temple, it is also called the Khajuraho of Nizamabad. It was built by the Kakatiya kings in the 14th century and is dedicated to Lord Rama. It is located on a small hillock in the middle of the village with about 100 steps to reach the temple. The entrance to the steps is graced by a decorative gateway which is richly engraved bearing the Kakatiya style of architecture. Before the main shrine, there is a large stone fort-like entrance with a small entrance. There was a fort surrounding the temple earlier and that is why it is called Khilla (Fort) Ramalayam. The temple was left incomplete and idols were installed in the 1940s.

This temple is one of the finest examples of stone architecture, built in white and black Basalt stone. It exhibits excellent craftsmanship through wonderful carvings of goddesses, animals, beautiful pillars and artistic beams of outer walls which attract large number of visitors. There are several carvings of exotic scenes from Kamasutra on the upper side of outer walls. The temple provides panoramic view of the village and fields around the lake.