Divine Note of Festivals

13th January, 2019
Sankhya Dance Company, Bharatnatyam
Bhavanarayana Temple, Vijaywada

The Gudi Sambaraalu event at Baptla was unique in all ways. Thanks to Sri. Kona Prabhakar Rao garu and his charitable trust, the temple bore a festive look. The event saw the temple premises decked in flowers, rangoli competitions and abhishekam for the Lord concluding with a dance recital by Sankhya Dance Company. The recital not only took the audience by storm but also brought religious fervour and festivity. More than 2000 devotees thronged the temple. It culminated in a divine note integrating culture and the greatness of the temple.



Sankhya Dance Company



Bhavanarayana Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Venugopala Swamy. This temple is 1500 years old and belongs to Salivahana Sakam 515. This temple was built during the reign of Chola king, Krimikanta Chola in the 5th century AD. The Gopuram that can be found in this shrine is believed to have been erected out of a single slab of rock. The chola king installed eight village deities in eight corners of the village. The present village deity Poleramma was installed in the South direction by the devotees.