9th January, 2020
Leela Samson – Spanda Dance Company, Bharatnatyam
Kondapalli Fort, Vijayawada

Leela Samson and her students from Spanda Dance Company presents ‘Anubhava’ – An experience of Hari Hara. It is a four piece bharatnatyam marvel starting with a Purandaradasa composition, ‘Atishaya’. Followed by ‘Shankara Srigiri’ – the bliss experienced by all the Gods and sages when Lord Shiva danced for them. The third part of the recital was ‘Thayi Sanchar’ culminating in a fast paced ‘Tillana’ that extols the beauty of movement and the power of swaras to attain the highest bliss.



Leela Samson - Spanda Dance Company



Kondapalli Kota is a 14th century fort built by the Musunuri Nayaks in the district. It is an architectural marvel with a huge entrance gate, called the Dargah Darwaja, that is carved out of a single boulder of granite. Other features include a reservoir, Golconda Darwaza, Dargah of Gareeb Saheeb, Tanisha Mahal and several bits of history that are now in ruins. It stands as a reminder of the dramatic power struggles that the region once saw for the control of these fertile lands.
It is spread over an area of 18 sq kms and was occupied by multiple dynasties including the Gajapatis, Qutub Shahis, Mughals and Nizams. Since it has passed through so many royal dynasties, it’s architecture is a blend of Persian, Bahamani and Mughal. One of the most striking features of the fort is the Palace with the ‘Nartakashala’ where music and dance was performed. Though it was said to have been built as a centre of recreation, business and trade during the 14th century, it served as a military fortification and garrison of the British during the British era.